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Fall in Love With Your Closet

By October 12, 2018Blog

We have a real love/hate relationship with our closets. They contain everything that creates our personal style and allows us to present ourselves to the world at large. Our clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, belts, etc. are stored in this small area and it seems that there is never enough room to hold it all. Organization is the key to keeping it all together. If your closet is over stuffed and unorganized you can’t see what’s in it and that can make getting dressed a daily chore.

However, before organization commences a bit of purging must take place first. Get rid of those jeans that you believe you’ll get back into, toss that blouse that never quite works with anything, give away those cute shoes that cripple you every time you wear them. These are closet killers. Those items that take up space and are never up for serious consideration when you are making your fashion decisions for the day. You’ve heard the rule before, if you haven’t worn it in the last year, chances are you won’t. Only keep clothes that you love, wear and just can’t live without. Remove out of season clothes from your main closet so that you are able to see what you need and actually use your wool in the winter and not have sundresses taking up space.

Elaborate closet systems are a luxury, but there is a way to create a space, in any sized closet, that will work perfectly for you. The ideal set-up allots a space for long items such as dresses, suits, coats, and jackets. Then another space for shirts and blouses, and another for skirts and pants. A few shelves for foldable items and purses will help keep it all in order. You, also, need a space for shoes that allows you to see them at a glance. Of course drawers are needed for your intimate items and workout gear, so if possible, try to keep your dresser near your closet so that you create a true dressing space. Finally, place your jewelry and accessories in pretty containers on your dresser so the final touches to your look of the day is readily available.

Use your imagination and consider unconventional components to help you put your closet together and create a dressing space that you never thought you could have. Kitchen carts work wonderfully in a closet. They have shelves, hooks and even pull out trays that can hold sweaters, belts, scarves and purses. Stackable shoe shelves are great, and keep you from searching the floor for shoes and keeps them paired up at all times. Adding a mirror to the wall of your closet not only makes it look larger, but gives you a peep at yourself as you’re getting dressed for the day. Also, using the same hangers throughout gives your space a uniform look that will appeal to you every time you open it.

Many people get overwhelmed trying to over-organize. Don’t fall prey to the idea that your closet needs to be color coordinated. You’ll spend time and anxiety trying to keep your clothes rainbow organized and not be able to keep up with the bottom line, which is keeping your space organized. Simply, keep your belts, scarves, gloves and hats in one area; hang your pants and skirts collectively; keep your dresses jackets and suits together, etc. However, keep in mind that all of the time and money spent on organization will mean nothing if you don’t do it. Hang up what you remove, fold what’s unfolded, pair shoes back together, put purses where they belong – in essence, pick up what you put down and keep your closet in order. You’ll find that once you’ve created a closet that you love, you’ll be more interested in keeping it together and enjoying yourself in this happy space that is yours and yours alone.

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