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How can Domestic Divas help protect me and my family during the time of Covid?
The whole world feels the effects of Covid-19. We've all been advised to wash our hands, stay home and disinfect everything. Domestic Divas understands that it's not enough to only clean your home, but to have it done with safety protocols in mind. Please note that we have implemented the following procedures for the safety of our clients and employees:
  • We will not — under any circumstance — allow any employee who is sick, has any flu-like symptoms or who has sick family members to come to work.
  • Our cleaning technicians wear masks the entire time they are working in your home.
  • The cleaning towels we use are clean, only used in your home, and washed before they are used again.
Please help us by:
  • Canceling your cleaning appointment if you or a family member is sick, experiencing flu-like symptoms or has tested positive for the flu or coronavirus.
Why should I choose Domestic Divas over other cleaning companies in the area?
Domestic Divas have been proudly serving the San Antonio area since 2008. Our cleaning technicians have all been thoroughly screened before they ever enter your home. This includes personal reference checks, criminal background screening and in-depth training in our Cleaning Institute.
Is everyone who works for your company employed by you?
Yes. We never use contract labor and we pay all social security and employment taxes.
Why don't I just hire an individual cleaner?
A quick Internet search will reveal the danger of choosing this option. When you hire a private individual you are taking a giant gamble. The top three reasons not to hire an individual are:
• Criminals won't be hired by professional cleaning companies, but they can be hired unwittingly by you. Most homeowners don't have the skill or time to do criminal background checks.
• If a private cleaner is hurt while cleaning your home, YOU are responsible for all of their hospital bills. They are your employee.
• You are responsible for paying your private cleaner's social security taxes. This liability never goes away. At any point, you could be called upon to pay all the employment taxes you failed to collect and report—with penalties and interest.
What if the cleaning technician doesn't do a good job in my home?
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to please, and we're not happy unless you are happy! You will be asked to inspect and approve the cleaning before we leave. However, if you are not home when the cleaning is finished call us within 24 hours and we will correct any areas that were part of your scheduled cleaning.
What if I have to cancel my appointment?
We work diligently to provide our employees with a full work schedule every week. Last minute cancellations create the perfect storm of missed hours and short paychecks. It is for this reason, that we require a 24-hour notice for all cancellations. Failure to call us 24 hours ahead of time will result in a cancellation fee of $50 that is charged to the credit card that you used when you scheduled your appointment.
Should I tip?
Tipping is a way of showing appreciation for the work that has been done. While not expected, it is always appreciated. Feel free to tip on any form of payment that you've chosen. Tips are CashApped directly to the techs at the end of each day.
What about my pets?
Pets are never a problem for us, but we do ask that they are kept out of the way while we're working. If you have any special or specific instructions regarding your fur baby, we will notate them on the work order so your cleaning technician is aware.
Do you furnish your own supplies and equipment?
Yes, we bring everything that we need for a job well done. If, however, you have a specific product you would like us to use in your home please let us know. We will ensure our cleaning technician is aware of your instructions.
Are you insured?
Yes! We are fully insured carrying $2M in general liability insurance and worker's compensation for each employee.
Do I have to be at my house when you arrive?
You do not have to be home when we get there. There are many customers who leave a key somewhere near the front door or they make arrangements for us to gain entry prior to arrival.
What should I do to prepare my house for a professional cleaning?
We ask you pick up personal belongings and free the rooms of clutter so that we can spend time actually cleaning your house. As a rule, Domestic Divas does not do laundry, wash, dishes, fold clothes, clean windows or conduct personal services unless discussed and agreed upon beforehand.
How and when do I pay for my cleaning?
Payment is expected at the conclusion of all cleaning services. Residential cleaning payments are accepted in the following order of preference: checks, cash, Zelle. Venmo and CashApp require a 2% fee added to the total. Credit/debit card payments are also accepted but require a 5% fee added to the final cost. Checks are not accepted for Move-In/Move-Out cleaning services. Commercial cleaning services are invoiced the day of service and remittance is expected immediately, unless agreed upon beforehand.