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Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

The professional cleaning of your home, whether moving in or moving out, is an important detail in the midst of a busy time. Let Domestic Divas relieve the stress of moving day with one of our Move-In/Move-Out cleaning packages. We offer outstanding quality with our BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM level cleaning services. Whether you're trying to recoup a deposit on your home, make it picture ready for a photo shoot or simply present it to perfection for an open house Domestic Divas are here to help. Give us a call to inquire further or schedule an appointment at 210-382-3254.

Professional Move-In/Move-Out Services with Domestic Divas will:
  • Streamline the moving process
  • Help a house sell and/or rent quickly
  • Usually help deposits to be refunded
  • Present a house in its best light for future occupants
  • Foster peace of mind that the cleaning process has been done appropriately
  • Save you time and the back breaking work of conducting the final clean once the home is completely vacant
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  • Clean stove top and front of oven
  • Wipe refrigerator and freezer exterior doors
  • Wipe outside of dishwasher
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave
  • Clean countertops
  • Wipe light switches
  • Clean sink and shine faucets
  • Sweep and mop kitchen floors
  • Clean tub/shower walls and/or stand alone showers
  • Clean toilet using mearic acid, if needed
  • Clean vanity and sink area (faucets and countertops)
  • Wipe light switches
  • Clean mirrors to a streak free shine
  • Sweep and mop bathroom floors
  • Laundry Room, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Common
  • Areas, Bedrooms and Closets
  • Remove miscellaneous trash and discarded items
  • Dust accessible ceiling fans
  • Wipe light switches
  • Accessible cobweb removal
  • Vacuum carpet, sweep and mop hard flooring
  • Sweep Entry
Below details the pricing for our Make Ready Cleaning. See what's included in those Cleaning Levels. Call us today to find the right Cleaning Level for your Needs!
Up to 1000 sq.ft.
1001‑1300 sq.ft.
1301‑1600 sq.ft.
1601‑1900 sq.ft.
1901‑2200 sq.ft.
2201‑2500 sq.ft.
2501‑2800 sq.ft.
2801‑3100 sq.ft.
3101‑3400 sq.ft.
3401‑3700 sq.ft.
3,700 sq.ft. & up: please contact us for a custom quote
Our Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning Will Make It Look Like You Were Never There

Moving is stressful enough without worrying about having to clean up once you're finished. Domestic Divas will take the stress out of moving day. The last thing you want to worry about is having to clean your home or apartment to prepare it for the next owners or to recoup your deposit. We provide thorough move-in and move-out cleaning that will allow you to focus on what matters most—your new home.

Choose one of our Move-in/Move-Out cleaning tiers to get your old place to the standard needed for a clean break. BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM - one will perfectly address the needs for your moving day.

13+ Years of Cleaning Experience

At Domestic Divas we are much more than a cleaning company. With 13+ years of cleaning experience we are here to make life a bit easier during one of life's most stressful times - moving day. Whether moving in or out, our team of Divas and Divos are specially trained at our Cleaning Institute to be sure they are meticulous, thorough and follow the checklist of your choosing - BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM. When you hire our team, you can trust that you have chosen the best company for the task at hand.

Let us take a few things off your move-in or move-out “to do” list.