The Scum Scrubber is a revolutionary cleaning tool that makes the backbreaking work of shower cleaning a thing of the past. There are other shower cleaning tools on the market, but they can’t do what the Scum Scrubber does. The Scum Scrubber utilizes a heavy brown scrubbing pad, on top of a swivel head attached to a retractable, plastic handle that extends up to 60”. The long handle and heavy-duty scrubbing pad allow uncommon cleaning action on tile and porcelain. The tool prevents one from having to step into the tub or shower to effectively clean the walls! Gone are the days of having to get inside to get those walls clean. The scrubbing pad removes soap scum, hard water spots and cleans grout like no other pad on the market. Those being sold in big box stores and retail grocery chains don’t have the power to clean like the Scum Scrubber!

As the owner and operator of a cleaning service, Domestic Divas, I have the hands on experience to know that this tool works. The Scum Scrubber works like no other and the world needs to hear about it! The telescoping handle allows you to access various spaces and get the job done. The pad cleans the dreaded shower scum like no other. With that being said, there are other cleaning options available with The Scum Scrubber.

COMING SOON: A microfiber towel is being created to attach to the pad and swivel head. This allows one to clean glass and mirrors with ease! No more jumping on the counter to clean the top of the bathroom mirror. Simply affix the towel attachment to the head, extend the handle and clean the top of your bathroom mirrors with ease. The Scum Scrubber, with the towel attachment, makes glass cleaning child’s play and no longer a chore to dread.


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The Scum Scrubber, in essence, is an old tool that’s been repurposed for another use. However, we’ve added a retractable handle and a fitted micro-fiber towel to further its initial scope of work. It makes the chore easier than ever and this is why the time is now to bring it to market so that everyone can have a cleaner shower.