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What is your housekeeper thinking?

By November 3, 2019Blog

For the most part, this question is a non-sequitur for the average woman. The housekeeper is there to routinely clean your house, not judge it…right?  Right.  But…don’t forget that she takes her cues from you and will follow suit.   Many women take for granted one of the most personal relationships in their lives – the one with their housekeeper.  This person keeps order in your life and sees the most private areas of your home.  And like any other relationship, communication is the key.

Here are a few tips for optimizing the relationship with your housekeeper:
The housekeeper’s goal is to create an environment based on your standards, so she tries to think like you think.  Let her know what is most important to you when you have your home cleaned so that she’ll be sure to focus on this area at every visit and leave you satisfied every time.
When possible, place decorative items exactly where you want them and she will leave your home photo ready.
It is easier for the housekeeper to clean house when there is no one in it. If she has to work around people wandering through the house as she cleans, it interrupts her workflow and may cause her to miss a detail she would normally see.

Just remember, your home is not a hotel room with a clear template for the housekeeper.  Each home and household is different, so communicate for the best results.

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