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San Antonio House Cleaning Service 

Domestic Divas is one of San Antonio’s leading residential and commercial
cleaning companies with a service level for every budget. Whether you want
your home cleaned to absolute perfection from top to bottom or just those
areas that you can’t seem to get to, we can help. One of our cleaning levels
is just right for you and your family.


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House Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Weekly Scheduled

Hourly/Single Clean

Deep Cleaning

Make Ready

Residential House Cleaning San Antonio

Domestic Divas is San Antonio’s premier house cleaning company & we strive for excellence in every cleaning endeavor. Domestic Diva offers house cleaning services including: Deep Cleaning, Make Ready cleanings, and we offer provide janitorial cleaning services for your home or office. When you need an all-around professional cleaning company ready to tackle any kind of cleaning job in the San Antonio area, contact Domestic Divas.

Domestic Divas is dedicated to providing excellent housekeeping services in San Antonio. This will provide you with more time for your family, friends and yourself. Domestic Divas was created by a busy mother who understands how difficult it is to balance career, family, household responsibilities, relaxation and rejuvenation. Domestic Divas knows you need to make the best use of your time to focus on your family.

Domestic Divas hopes that you will turn over your household drudgery and find more time to nurture your family, friendships, soul and spirit! A true win-win for your family.

Office Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Weekly Scheduled

Hourly/Single Clean

Deep Cleaning

Janitorial Services

Tenant Make Ready

Rest Room Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Break Room Cleaning

Disinfectant Cleaning



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