Residential Cleaning Services

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Domestic Divas is one of San Antonio’s leading cleaning companys with a service level for every budget. Whether you want your home cleaned to perfection from top to bottom or just those areas that you can’t seem to get to, we can help. One of our cleaning levels is just right for you and your family. *There is a $25-$100 initial cleaning fee (depending upon the size of your home) for the first house cleaning service (or if we have not returned to your home within 90 days of your first cleaning).  Make Ready (Move-In and Move-Out) services are also available. Call for a quote.

​*Pets, additional rooms, additional square footage and depth of cleaning may affect pricing, please ask for details. ‘A-la-carte’ services are priced by the job and discussed beforehand to determine the appropriate pricing.

residential cleaning services san antonio


Base price of *$75 for a home 1200 sq ft or less + $25 initial cleaning fee. To include the following: BATHROOMS, KITCHEN, EATING AREAS, BEDROOMS, OFFICE, LIVING AREAS, DEN, ENTRY WAY

  • Clean bathtub/shower, sink, countertops, toilet, shine mirrors & faucets
  • Wipe stove top, counter tops, appliance fronts, & kitchen table
  • Dust ceiling fans, light dusting of furniture, make unmade beds
  • Vacuum carpet, sweep & mop all hard flooring
  • Remove trash


Base price of *$125 for a home 1200 sq ft or less +$25 initial cleaning fee. Includes THRIFT cleaning plus:

  • Clean, sanitize & deodorize sink, countertops, toilet, bathtub/shower
  • Wipe down small kitchen appliances, clean inside of microwave & vent hood exterior with degreaser
  • Clean & sanitize countertops, backsplash, sink, & kitchen table
  • Wipe down washer & dryer
  • Change bed linens
  • Remove fingerprints from TV screens & computer monitors
  • Wipe glass-topped furniture
  • Light dusting of furniture, knick-knacks & decorative items

Base price of *$225 for a home that is 1200 sq. ft. or less +$25 initial cleaning fee. Includes the THRIFT & CORE cleaning plus:

  • Polish bathroom hardware, wipe sink accessories & backsplash
  • Hand wipe around the toilet base & bathroom baseboards
  • Wipe cabinets, drawer facings & polish handles & knobs
  • Wash & shine sink accessories
  • Detailed cleaning of stove top with degreaser
  • Clean & sanitize sink drains
  • Wipe outside of kitchen trash can
  • Cobweb removal
  • Dust top of door frames
  • Light dusting of accessible blinds
  • Dust accessible light fixtures
  • Dust doors
  • Wipe accessible window sills & door jambs
  • Wipe door knobs & light switches
  • Fingerprint removal on flat surfaces
  • Shine accessible mirrors
  • Detailed dusting of furniture & electrical appliances
  • Sweep accessible baseboards
  • Light pickup, as needed
  • Inside of patio door cleaned
  • Sweep front porch



Wash inside windows, clean inside of refrigerator &/or freezer, clean inside of oven, detailed stove top cleaning, clear out & organize cabinets & drawers, fold clothes, hand wipe vents, thorough cleaning of light fixtures, closet organization, walls & ceilings dusted, fiberglass shower/tub stain removal, polish silver, polish furniture, hand wipe accessible ceiling fans, remove books from bookshelves & clean shelves, wash out trash cans, blind cleaning, baseboard washing, detailed dusting of  knick-knacks &/or small collections, etc.

Please note, that CORE and ELITE cleaning levels do not intend to convey that one clean is deeper than the other. The difference means there are more details being attended to in each successive level; and the DIVA difference is always in the details! Under certain circumstances a HEAVY CLEANING fee may be necessary for optimal results and will be determined and discussed upon arrival.

*The pricing for additional square footage is as follows: 

  • 1201-1500 sq ft: + $25 w/$30 initial cleaning fee
  • 1501-1800 sq ft: + $50 w/$40 initial cleaning fee
  • 1801-2100 sq ft: + $75 w/$50 initial cleaning fee
  • 2101-2400 sq ft: + $100 w/$60 initial cleaning fee
  • 2401-2700 sq ft: + $150 w/$70 initial cleaning fee
  • 2701-3000 sq ft: + $175 w/$80 initial cleaning fee
  • 3001-3300 sq ft: + $225 w/$90 initial cleaning fee
  • 3301-3600 sq ft: + $250 w/$100 initial cleaning fee
  • 3601 sq ft and up, please contact us for a custom quote.